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Anyone who’s ever seen me will agree that I don’t look like the ‘girly’ type. No bows in my hair, no frilly collars or silly outfits. Except on certain holidays when Lani, the Doc’s wife and my sort-of mom, insists on making me wear theme neckerchiefs. Like the green one on St. Patrick’s Day, the Stars and Stripes on Memorial Day, the orange and black number on Halloween, (my favorite because it goes well with my natural coloring), and the really goofy stuff they put on me around Christmas time.

One year it’s this headband with antlers, like I’m supposed to be a reindeer. Another time it was some floppy hat with a bell on top—Kaya the elf. Then they start taking pictures! It’s pretty embarrassing but it seems important to them for some reason so I go along with it, more or less. The less part being my ears.
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