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Guest Blogging

Check out my latest post at YDS: The Clare Spark blog, where I discuss the implications of Obamacare – not just as a doctor but also as a patient.

“As the election draws close and the race tightens it seems a good time to take one more look at what is about to befall us as patients and consumers of healthcare. In the past I’ve spoken from my perspective as a career Emergency Medicine specialist, a physician for over thirty years, practicing at the precise point where the worlds of medicine, politics, and public policy collide. I have been, and continue to be, a part of the safety net everyone pays lip service to but few truly understand. I have had a lot to say about why I think Obamacare, (an acceptable appellation since the president himself adopted it during the recent debate), is a disaster…” Read More


The Wrong Side of Midnight

The Wrong Side of Midnight is a short story about a fateful Friday night shift in a Los Angeles area emergency room. It became the basis of my first novel, The Bleed.

A short story

There was blood on the floor, mostly dried but still tacky enough in spots to stick to the bottom of a shoe. The worn linoleum bore evidence to this fact, decorated as it now was in swirled, geometric, and cobbled patterns, representing the shoe preferences of the various individuals who had walked through the area since the mess was made.

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